Ever since I set up my business back in 2005 I have loved helping so many clients make changes to their homes that have really made a difference to how they both view, and live in them.

However, one thing that I kept coming back to time and again was the fact that I had built up so much information and resources in my own head over the years that it seemed a shame not to be able to share it with more people and (hopefully!) help more than I could ever hope to visit as clients.

Having somewhere to share my ideas seemed a natural next step, and as such I started to blog.

I am loving having a space to share and chat with people about everything related to creating a home, and I'd love to share it with you.

Feel free to use it as a resource, for free tips and advice and most of all as inspiration for whatever you are currently wanting to update/change/improve in your own home...


{ If you are a brand or blogger and are interested in working with me on my blog then please don't hesitate to contact me }

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