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: style for selling services - making your house into THEIR home - and getting it sold!

Are you thinking of selling your home and want to achieve the best possible price?  

Has your home been on the market for a while and you are not getting the viewings or offers you want?

Are you thinking of dropping your asking price?

Do you want to ensure your property looks its best for your advertising?

Are you selling a home that is currently empty, and not looking its best as a result?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions - then my :style for selling services can really help.

I can give you an unbiased perspective on your home and show you what the buyer REALLY thinks, so you can maximise your homes potential, appeal to your target market, outshine your competition and move on as quickly as possible.

:style for selling – Home Staging – what is it?

Styling a home ready for selling is often referred to as "Home staging", and it's simply the process of making your home as desirable to potential buyers as possible, in order to secure a sale quickly and for the best possible price. 

Having been trained in home staging by Ann Maurice - TVs own House Doctor - and being a senior consultant on her House Doctor Network, I can work with you to create a home that your target market will aspire to - making it stand out from the competition, giving it an edge in the marketplace. 

I will assess your home given the current market and location, and give expert advice on what changes/updates will make the most difference for the buyer. Staging focuses on the aesthetics of the home rather than any structural changes, and can help you if you are unsure of what changes would be most beneficial. 

The process is focused on utilising what you already have as much as possible to its maximum potential, creating maximum profitability for you. It creates the right look and feel for as little outlay as possible.

We also look at how your home looks in two ways - firstly for your marketing details as this is the first place you can grab a buyers attention, and then for the actual viewings. A property that looks great may not photograph well, and vice versa. To get both right is one of the keys to selling your home. 

It can be difficult to be objective about your own house, so an unbiased professional eye can help you by identifying what changes should be made to achieve the look and feel your buyer will be looking for, for the minimum amount of work, hassle and money possible.

Home staging needn't be expensive and simple things such as changing furniture around, decluttering or adding in accessories and artwork can make all the difference.

: services offered

My :style for selling service consists of 2 parts - a home consultation and an action plan report.

home consultation

Prior to meeting with you, I will research your specific area/street carefully, ensuring a sound local knowledge (focused on target market, pricing, sticking points etc..). Where the property is already on the market, I will also get the property spec from the agent, and look at what is working/not working to bring in viewings and draw the buyers eye.

I will then come to your home for a consultation (lasting around 2-3 hours) to view every part of the property and talk through with you any changes that could be made to achieve the best possible price.

This advice will include ideas for decoration, colour, de-cluttering, furniture placement, DIY, purchases to be made, items to remove etc.. and tips on the best ways to show your home to buyers.

We can also do some easy changes on the spot so that you can see how things could look, and really get a feel for how to stage your home in this working session.

action plan report

In addition to this you will also receive an "Action Plan" via email within a few days of the consultation. This will detail everything that was looked at and give specific recommendations for how to stage your home, any new items required, trade work etc....

It's then all available to you in a simple document making it easy for you to follow yourself, or decide whether you want further help on any or all of it.

You will also receive a checklist guide to follow before viewings, and a helpful guide to maintain your staged home while its being marketed. If applicable I can also help show how best to show viewers around your home (where to start and finish, what to say etc...).


: costs

 :style for selling service:-

for homes up to 3 bedrooms - consultation and report - £245

4 bedrooms - consultation and report - £280

over 5 bedrooms - consultation and report - £315



Any follow on work will simply be charged at my hourly rate of £35

Follow on services include help with sourcing items, and hands on styling once any trades work has been completed.

I can spend time in your home after any necessary redecoration or repairs have been completed to ensure that the property is presented successfully following my guidelines. I can provide finishing touches and help with furniture placement and accessorising for maximum impact. This service helps to complete the overall look and ties everything together - usually recommended prior to any photos being taken of your property by your agent - so you get the best possible look in your marketing.

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