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: style for living services - creating a home that reflects everyone living in it

Are you happy with how all the rooms in your home look? How do they make you feel when you are in them?

The main aim of the :style for living services is to create a beautiful home that reflects everyone living in it, by maximising what you already have, and suggesting additions and changes that will make all the difference.

Whether you have been in your home for a long time, or have just moved in, having a fresh set of eyes looking at the space can ensure that you make the best of every room you have. 

If you are ready to create the home you have always wanted, in the style you love, and within a budget you can afford, my :style for living services are for you.

: services offered

My :style for living service consists of 2 parts - a home consultation and a follow up report.

home consultation

During this time you can ask lots of questions, getting on the spot advice on any aspect of your home that you are unsure of and that needs attention. This can be one room in detail, or smaller sections of some, or all rooms in your home. You use this time as you need to.

I have given advice for previous clients on things like room useage, colour schemes throughout a home, accessories to bring a room together, adding colour into a very neutral living room, ideas for extensions and altering rooms (just aesthetic advice as I am not an architect or surveyor!), kitchen layout, how to hang artwork and display things well, anything in a house that I feel needed moving around or things bought or taken away. Basically anything that you want to talk about related to making your home feel better for you.

follow up report

I bring along with me lots of brochures, catalogues, and samples for inspiration. Of course, I can't bring everything with me (although I do try!) and there will be times when we are talking about something that I need to send you details of after the meeting.

For this reason I also produce a detailed follow up report which goes through what was talked about and gives any links to items online so that you have it all written down ready to follow.

: costs

 :style for living service

consultation and report - £245



Any follow on work will simply be charged at my hourly rate of £35

Follow on services include help with sourcing items, and hands on styling once any trades work has been completed.

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