: organising services - creating systems that support the way you want to live

Do you want to have a home that runs smoothly, but have little time to set up systems that really work? If you are time starved and want some advice and hands on help to set up systems that you can use in your home, then my organising services can help.

We are all unique, with unique homes, and being organised means different things to each one of us. I work with you to understand how you want to live, and help to make it a reality - whether just in one part of your home or a complete overhaul.

I offer tailor made services to ensure solutions are created that really work for you and how you live - simplifying life.

: services offered

  • Wardrobe / Clothes organising
  • Paperwork / Filing
  • Time & Diary management
  • Home system setup (laundry, cleaning, meal planning, home related information etc...)
  • Space planning (maximising your home to suit your needs)
  • Help with moving home (Working out what to take, how to set up the new home so it works for you, staging for selling, decluttering for selling etc...)
  • Help with organising any part of your home or life that needs it!

: costs

 1st session - 4 hours - £140

Further sessions (if needed) will simply be charged at my hourly rate of £35

A first session of 4 hours is always advised, so that we can thoroughly talk through what you want to achieve, see how things are working at present, create a plan of action for changes to be made, and then get started with hands on help.

4 hours is enough to make progress in this session (sometimes enough to complete what you need), but not enough to overwhelm.

Please note that most of this session will require you to be present, but for some hands on work I am happy to complete by myself if preferred. I offer a completely discreet and confidential service. 

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