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: decluttering service testimonials & examples of work

{ Client pictures are omitted here for privacy - these are examples of how decluttering services have worked for past clients as a guide as to how I could help you in your home }


Client work - Example 1

I was contacted by a client who needed help decluttering their whole home as it was getting on top of them and they needed a helping hand.

We started by talking through what they wanted from the process, and created a plan of where everything would go and how we would tackle each space.

After the first session the client booked in a regular fortnightly session with me so that they could do some work in between visits and also stay on track and make progress. Working through the house with the plan in mind made it less stressful for the client.

Client work - Example 2

A client rang me to arrange a one-off decluttering session for their wardrobe as it wouldn't hold all of her clothes any longer and it was getting her down.

During the session we went through everything, taking it all out and ascertaining whether it fit, was wanted, or should go.

We talked about what her style was, and what she tended to do in her life - which made choosing what to keep a lot easier for her. We then put everything else back in a way that she could find things more easily, and all clothes she didn't want any longer were given to charity.


Hi Chrissy - I am feeling great about the work we are doing together, it's amazing to get organisation back into my life - Ms G - Hale


Client work - Example 3

A client was starting a business from home, and she needed some help to make space for her office, and also to regain space elsewhere as clutter had taken over.

It was time for a fresh start to get the business off to a great start, and the clutter was holding her back.

I worked with her in a set of sessions over a couple of weeks and after many (60+) bin bags were filled with charity, rubbish etc... and taken away, the house was looking lighter and fresher.

We arranged weekly catch up emails so that she had someone to feedback progress after I left as well.



Thank you so much for all your help in organising and decluttering so many rooms in my house. The experience has been  a very positive one. I won't hesitate to  contact you if I decide to have more help - Thank you! - Mrs C, Cheadle


Client work - Example 4

I helped a client declutter as they wanted to sell their home and had recognised that there was a lot of "stuff" that they didn't want to pay to move, and also wouldn't make the marketing photos look great.

This client contacted me once they had moved as they wanted to organise and style their new home as well.

Client work - Example 5

A client contacted me as they had become overwhelmed by their home and wanted to regain control.

We spent a few sesssions over a few weeks going through their family room, kitchen and living room.

After decluttering they also wanted style advice for their new found spaces!



Your fantastic advice has really helped with the house and I am nearly ready to get the agent in to take the pics ..... I will be sure to give my recommendation to anyone else.It was lovely to meet you and I am so grateful for your expertise - a big thank you! Mrs H - Wolverhampton

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