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{ Client pictures are omitted here for privacy - these are examples of how organising services have worked for past clients as a guide as to how I could help you in your home }

Client work - Example 1

A client wanted help organising her craft room, kitchen, and a few other spaces in her home.

Her craft room was the major project as it was the size of a double garage with everything still in boxes to sort through.

As she knew she wanted to keep everything, but was overwhelmed by the task of sorting it all out, she wanted me to work on it alone.

I worked through the space methodically, organising it into different types of crafts, and asking her questions when required - but the result was she could simply walk into the space and start being creative - without the hassle of sorting it all out herself. Perfect!

Client work - Example 2

I helped a business client to organise the setup of a new business they had planned to start.

This involved putting together all the paperwork required, sorting out systems, ensuring the business was registered, website setup etc....

I spent one day a week for a few months on the project and the client was happy to have someone specifically for this task.

Client work - Example 3

A client called me in to help with their home office.


I set up a system for their paperwork (incoming, outgoing etc...), decluttered the space, and made it a place that they wanted to spend time in.

Thank you for organising my new business setup and systems - can't believe how much you got done! - Mr R, Lymm


Client work - Example 4

A family were moving abroad for work reasons and needed help organising what to take, what to put into storage, and what needed to go completely.

They were only moving for 3 years, and were renting their home in the interim - so we spent some time creating a plan of what had to go where, and then I spent a few days helping hands on with the sorting.

Client work - Example 5

I helped a client with space planning for a new extension they were planning.  They wanted to be sure that they were using the space to its maximum potential.

During the consultation we looked at moving some rooms around to make it function better for them as a family - including changing the position of the kitchen completely.

Being able to talk it all through with someone who was detached from the build was helpful to them, and they implemented the changes suggested really successfully.

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